29 08 2009



 DUOD is a 60 minute in-the-round dance performance with live music and striking multimedia visual design.

DUOD unfolds at the feet of the audience, seated on white cushions and encircling a towering core which holds the DUOD story.

DUOD dances the dynamic arc of transformation from cocoon to flight.  Raging physicality, music and visuals cascade and DUOD seeps into the audience to complete its circle.

 Watch video excerpts from DUOD (first part only) at:  http://www.vimeo.com/15394337

  Collaborating Artists

Choreography: Cathy Seago

Visual & scenographic design: Rosalind Noctor

Composer: Christopher Benstead

Video Art: David McCormick for Snake Oil

Performed by Cathy Seago & Lauren Bridle with live music by  Christopher Benstead






Tuesday 2nd & Weds 3rd March 7pm

Arts Centre University of Winchester

Thurs 8th April 8pm

Studio 31 The Arts at Dartington Totnes, Devon

Weds 19th May 7.30pm

Discovery Centre Winchester

Thurs 17 June 7.30pm

Berkoff Theatre at Alton College

Weds 23 June

D @rt Centre, Wildern School, Hedge End

Friday 25 June 7.30pm 

Hangar Farm Arts Centre Southampton

 Thurs 21 October 8pm

Quay Arts Centre, Isle of Wight

Weds 24 November 7pm

Roehampton University- Michaelis Theatre -Dance Diay

Friday 26 November 7.45pm

Swindon Dance- Town Hall Theatre